Khao Lak

The "Internet Booking Service (IBS)" is an external company that is not affiliated with the owners and operators of this website and is NOT a tour operator, but books free rooms for you in some resorts. with whom it has been in close contact for many years.

It is intended to enable travelers to book bungalows that they cannot (or not as requested) book with commercial tour operators or online travel agencies.

In recent years, the booking service has become particularly popular with families who need more than one room with an extra bed. All prices mentioned on this website are purely informative and non-binding. The owners and operators of this website are in no way responsible or obliged to provide information for actions, bookings or price information by the IBS.

Khao Lak: Strand Bungalow buchen in Khaolak
Khao Lak: Bungalow buchen in Khaolak

Nang Thong Bay Resort 1

Park-like, extremely popular facility through which a stream flows; 25 individual bungalows with air conditioning 2,500-3,000 THB. 24 spacious comfort and family rooms in apartment houses on the street 2,000 THB,
including 2 family rooms with 2 bedrooms each (only 3,000 THB for 4 people),
30 rooms in the Sea View House 2,000-2,500 THB
(on the 3rd floor with sea view). Qualified, English speaking management, beach restaurant, swimming pool. Paved beach, sun loungers above in the resort and by the pool. Many regular guests. Own alarm system with 24-hour security guards.

Inquiries and reservations in German to the
Internet booking service
information08 @

Nang Thong Beach Resort 2

The popular resort offers 25 bungalows on the beach and in the lush green garden, furnished with dark, noble-looking wooden furniture, plus the restaurant and a swimming pool. In the back of the garden, 10 double-storey villas with 4 rooms each were built. They are particularly popular with families.

Prices: Nov-Apr

Bungalow Beach Front 3,000 THB

Garden bungalow
2,500 THB

Standard room above
2,200 THB

Standard room below
2,000 THB

(May-Oct 50% discount)

Inquiries and reservations in German to the
Internet booking service
nangthong2 @

Khao Lak: Bungalow buchen in Khaolak

The Lah-Own Resort

... only here can you book at special prices via the IBS.

The always popular single bungalows at IBS only cost 3,250 THB / day.

The 3 beachfront bungalows also cost only 3,950 THB, and the rooms in the chalets are fantastic 3,250 THB on the ground floor
and 3,950 THB upstairs with great sea views.

And these prices include all taxes, the service charge and breakfast !!!

Inquiries and reservations in German please to the Internet Booking Service: lahown14@khaolak.de

Khao Lak: Bungalow buchen in Khaolak
Khao Lak: Bungalow buchen in Khaolak
Khao Lak: Bungalow buchen in Khaolak

Cousin resort

10 single bungalows, 6 double bungalows,
1 family house, 6 rooms in a row house.

Bungalows for up to three people with fan and air conditioning at the price of 1,900 THB (Nov-Apr); Surcharge 300 THB (20 Dec-20 Jan) // 1,250 THB (Apr-Oct) and in a row house (2 pers.) With air conditioning 1,700 THB (Nov-Apr); Surcharge 300 THB (20th Dec-20th Jan) // 1,250 THB (Apr-Oct) and in several family houses with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room and terrace 3,500 THB (Nov-Apr); Supplement 300 THB (20th Dec-20th Jan) // 2,000 THB (Apr-Oct); a penthouse on the third floor with sea view (price on request). Restaurant, clean pool, friendly management. Extra bed 500 baht.

Inquiries and reservations
please in German to
Internet booking service: