The Khao Lak bush drum


Floating Market:

Rumor has it that a large floating market is emerging on the Bang Niang River, just behind the 5 Star Motor Bike Rental store, which will spread to La Vela.



The construction of a new airport in the local region was confirmed at the meeting of the AOT flight authority on May 25, 2018. The new airport will be built in the Khok Kloi district in the Phang-Nga province, without any further details. It is only clear that the airport will be south of Khao Lak in the direction of Phuket.


Motorway: The construction of the 4-lane airport motorway between Takuapa and Khok Kloi, which will also pass through Khao Lak, is in full swing. However, traffic flows unhindered.

Hotel Eden Beach Lobby
Khao Lak Bungalow Resort zum Verkauf in Khaolak

New Hotels in Khao Lak:

Newly opened or under construction:

  • Grand Mercure Khao Lak Bangsak right next to the Graceland Beach Hotel Khao Lak.

  • La Rosa (opened)

  • a previously unknown hotel on Bang Niang Beach with a bridge to the lagoon

  • a hotel to the left of Manathai on Pakweep Beach, the name is Avani Khao Lak