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European food in Khao Lak

European food

Bang Niang

Khao Lak: Essen Pizza in Khaolak.

The Viking Steakhouse in Sawadee Plaza offers good steaks at very high prices. The restaurant wants to compete with it
Peter Pan, who offers steak-pizza-pasta and is most likely to take on the pizzerias Il Gardino and Pinocchio.

There are also Italian restaurants in Nang Thong, Khao Lak: La Piccola Maria and the Pizzeria Ristorante Bella Italia have been around for a while and are similar in price and quality.

Mamma Tonie which is at the north end of Khao Laks at the Book Tree is more expensive.

New, about 100m before Mamma Tonie, is the Acquapazza restaurant, which is run by an Italian and makes a promising impression. The kitchen could be described as "Cocina Casalinga".

In the Stempfer Cafe, Eddy has a wide selection of cakes and tarts. Well, and right next door there is a tall building with a highly visible and air-conditioned McDonald's. Not every reader expected that, right? For the local Thais, it is at least a symbol for the way out of backwardness.

Khao Lak: Essen Pizzeria in Khaolak.
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Our insider tip for classy western food such as steaks, spaghetti and pizza is the Jumbo Steak Restaurant in Khuek Khak diagonally opposite the 7/11 at the Frisch Markt.

The pizzeria "Pinoccio" is very centrally located and run by a real Italian. It is located at the crossroads to Mukdara / Ramada.

We also enjoyed first-class pizza at Il Gardino, right across the street from Bang Niang.

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