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Restaurants in Nang Thong and Bang Niang

Khao Lak: Essen Restaurants in Khaolak.

Some former beach restaurants have established themselves on the street, e.g. Khao Lak Seafood by Pen and Chai, which is now known as far as Phuket, Lamuan Seafood with the always cheerful owner, or Nom's Family, where the fish dishes are praised in the evening.

The Thai Seafood fish restaurant in the alley that goes down to Lah Own Plaza is also highly praised. You can still eat very cheaply in the Happy Lagoon restaurant, 200 m from the beach, where a refreshing breeze usually blows. In addition to the tasty prawns from the sea and the legendary, great drinking coconuts, there are now also delicious cakes for 70 baht. However, some dishes are adapted to the taste of package tourists.

The Phu Khao Lak restaurant is full every night.

We often go to this family business in the late evening to lick an ice cream; our tip: "Chocolate Chip Special".

Khao Lak: Essen Restaurants in Khaolak.

In Bang Niang, the Rabeang Restaurant on Ramada / La Flora Gasse is highly praised, where the dishes are prepared in an open kitchen.

Khao Lak: Essen Restaurants in Khaolak.

The Chef Jimmy restaurant is 150 m from the beach and was nicely built from natural materials, the food tastes very good here too and is extremely inexpensive. The cook Jim is known to many Khao Lak friends as an excellent cook.

Mom cooks very well in the Sabai Sabai Restaurant.

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