Currency exchange - optics - bespoke clothing

Currency Exchange

One of the first questions that travelers face is how and where is the best way to change Euros to Thai Baht.

The answer is: it depends.

The worst course can be obtained in the hotel.

The easiest way: exchange cash free of charge in the exchange office. But beware the courses are different, it is worth comparing. As far as we know, the exchange office with the best course is the one that turns at the traffic lights in Bang Niang to the beach and drives to the next intersection. The blue exchange office directly at the Pizzeria Pinocchio usually offers 0.4 Baht more per EUR. The rate is even better than that in the bank. Not every bank changes currencies. But certainly the yellow bank (Krungsri), the purple SCB and the dark blue Bangkok bank.

You can also get baht with a German bank card or a credit card at the ATM machines. Warning, some banks block non-European countries for security; if you want to be sure, the card can be activated worldwide beforehand. German banks charge EUR 0-6, depending on the bank, per transaction. But you get a better rate than in the exchange office. So it depends on the amount and the fees of the German banks, where you can best get Thai Baht. The ATM is best for large amounts, for small amounts you can change at the exchange office free of charge but at a worse rate.



Khao Lak: Optik Brille in Khaolak.

Is it worth buying glasses in Thailand? Yes, it's worth it. Glasses are one of the few products that can be purchased inexpensively for excellent quality. The computer vision test only takes a second - ultra-modern! Two shops with several branches dominate: the light blue TOP Charoen optics and the green KT optics. Charoen Optik is significantly cheaper with a good selection, the clearly expensive top brands are available from KT Optik. You have to wait about 4 days from ordering to collection. The price is about 50% lower than at home.

Bespoke clothing

Khao Lak: Maßanzug in Khaolak.

You don't need to waste vacation days in Bangkok for bespoke clothing, Khao Lak also has excellent tailors. In the meantime, countless tailors have settled in Khao Lak. Nobody knows what the predominantly Indian or Nepali-born operators actually want to live on in this mass competition.

But they all deliver good quality. The price is less than 50% of the German price.

We have had good personal experiences with the tailor-made "New Fashion Way". Good quality, fixed, not excessive prices and a little German are the plus points in the business right next to DcDonald's in Khao Lak.