Taxi and bus

Khao Lak: Taxi Airport nach Khaolak.

The Internet Booking Service Khao Lak can arrange a transfer between Phuket Airport and Khao Lak by minibus or car for 1700 baht each way (1 or 2 pers.), Min. 3 people for 2000 baht, night surcharge 500 baht.
Driver Khun Chananya or her daughter Beauty are waiting outside in front of one of the 2 exits of the arrival hall with a sign with the name of the guests. You pay him / her after driving 75 minutes at the resort.
Those who have not booked their hotel through the Khao Lak Internet Booking Service can also be picked up.
Please send inquiries to Amy via email in German:

There are now two bus companies from the airport to destinations in Phuket.
Phuket Airport Bus Express runs every 75 minutes from 8.15 a.m. to Patong for 120 baht in about 2 hours.
Airport Bus Phuket (The Orange Bus) runs from 9 a.m. 7 times a day in 1 1/2 hours to the new Phuket Bus Terminal for 100 baht.
For detailed bus information we recommend our new website Departure from Phuket Airport by bus

After Khao Lak (80 km, 75 min.) You can buy a coupon in the arrival hall at the counter "Airport Limousine" (1800 baht for max. 3 people). If there is a large crowd, it can take some time for a free taxi to arrive. Unfortunately, some of these taxi drivers cannot fail to link their passengers. Unloading guests to the wrong resort without a fixed booking is nothing special. But that they suddenly charge a surcharge of 200 baht from guests who want to go to Bang Niang Beach and simply drop them up on the main street if they don't pay is a cheek.
Those who let themselves be patted by a "black" taxi driver (outlaw taxi driver) in the arrival hall must expect that the driver does not have a taxi driver's license, the vehicle has no first-class insurance and has not seen an inspection for 5 years.
The resorts in Khao Lak make the transfer to the resort for booked guests for 1200 to 3000 baht

The cheap alternative:

Take the Orange Bus or the Airport Bus Express for 50 baht towards Phuket, but get off at the first stop on the 4-lane highway and cross the street. At a public bus stop heading north, wave a passing bus towards Ranong (no.430), Surat Thani (no.465) or Takua Pa (no.436) and drive for about 150 baht to Khao Lak (2 - 2.5 hours).

Khao Lak: Linien Bus nach Khaolak.

In the International Airport Phuket there are exchange offices of the banks in the arrival hall and outside, here cash and travelers checks are not exchanged at the best rates. In our experience, the exchange rates in Khao Lak are better than at the airport. The best course can usually be found in the Money Exchange on Bang Niang Beach Road at the intersection of the Pinocchio restaurant and in Nang Thong at the Kasikorn Bank branch approx. 100 m south of McDonalds.