around Khao Lak

Khao Lak Roller mieten, zu Tempeln fahren in Khaolak.

In no tourist area of Thailand are there so many natural beauties as in the Phang Nga region. Day trips to 14 national parks can be undertaken, and several world-class caves can be visited in small groups. There are also a variety of extraordinary temples that interested people can visit.

Khao Lak Roller mieten, zu Stränden fahren in Khaolak.

And here is a new trip to the desert island!

For 2 days and one night on the "new" island of Thung Nang Dam with an overnight stay in the luxury tent of the Camp Resort for an amazing 1900 baht!

In addition, there is only the arrival and return by bus for 85 Baht (Khao Lak - Kuraburi) or in a taxi ( for 1700 Baht / taxi.

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